I started recording my first album 20 years ago, at the time the tools I had could be barely consider audio equipment. After several summers of saving by myself and fellow band-mates, we had the gear necessary to make a complete recording ourselves. By 15, I was recording others out of my parent's garage, and have been working in the audio engineering world ever since.


Dacha is a Seattle based live electronic duo comprised of myself and Jeff Meigs. This song is from our yet to be released full-length. Everything from concept to final product was done by the two of us, with the exception of mastering, done by Brian Elgin.


Recently, I had the pleasure to work with Monsterwatch and legendary PNW producer/audio god Steve Fisk

Honey.Moon.Tree is a project led by Aslan Rife, and has gone through many permutations over the years. I played bass, percussion, sang, and engineered on this full length record that was recorded over about 4 years in many cities.