Most of my current reel focuses on my recent contract at Valve, which was mainly in sound design/game implementation for their upcoming game Artifact. What started as a straight forward 2 week contract for sound asset creation turned into 8 months of working in many capacities within several teams. I ended up doing Voice Over processing for various Dota2 and Artifact characters (including Gaben himself), VR sound design for SteamVR Destinations, Post-Production work for T.I. series True Sight, and working a full weekend of PAX. In addition to creative work within the audio teams, I worked with researchers and engineers to prototype and design a custom in-game reverb system to help drive dynamic playback via player user input. If you'd like to hear about any specifics in regards to creative approach, considerations within teams to reach goals, or anything else, don't hesitate to reach out.

I've also worked on a variety of projects using Unity, Unreal, and modding engines. The later half of the reel focuses mainly on tech demos I've done in Unity with a heavy focus in VR. These particular demos utilized FMOD and Steam Audio for a specific form of spatialization, however, I have experience with wwise and google resonance as well. While my personal interest has been heavily centered around VR, I am still very much interested in all formats of audio. Platform-wise, I am equipped to collaborate on Oculus Touch, and Vive/Vive-Pro (including Knuckles) projects.